My name is Rhonda Rebman Lopez and I am ready to serve as your State Representative for District 120.

I am ready to work for our families, our children, our seniors, our veterans and to continue my service to our community. For the last 25 years, I’ve dedicated my time to helping non-profit organizations in our area, including the Jackson Hospital Foundation, Holtz Children’s Hospital and the American Cancer Society. As a Florida Keys resident, I’ve also supported groups who work to protect our natural resources and our water quality, including the Florida Keys Marine Sanctuary and the Florida Wildlife Society. I want to give our residents and all of our community organizations, a voice in Tallahassee.

I am ready to work for our small businesses, help them thrive and bring good paying jobs to our District. As a small business owner, I know firsthand how important they are to our local economy and how burdensome regulations and unnecessary taxes can negatively affect a small business’ ability to survive and create jobs. Our district has a diverse business community, including agricultural, tourism, retail and construction and as your State Representative, I will stand up to those who want to raise our taxes and hurt our small businesses.

As the wife of a retired Naval fighter pilot and as a Mom to two young men, I want our families to feel protected in their homes and in our neighborhoods. I want our children to be safe in our schools and to have the best education options available to them. I want our first responders to have the resources so they can be ready to provide us with the best care possible.

I’m Rhonda Rebman Lopez and as your State Representative, I will fight against those who threaten our quality of life, and I am ready to be your voice and a voice for all of the residents of District 120.

Thank you